QUALITY... Guarantee Safety
Strict Controls Guarantee a Level of Quality on Which You Can Build

BROWNIE, the formaldehyde free glass mineral wool insulation is the result of twenty six years of intensive research and development in the insulation industry. As a part of our continuous improvement effort, it is our on-going desire to provide our customers with innovative and high end insulation products which also meet the growing industry demand for more sustainable construction materials. Strict controls guarantee a level of quality on which the construction industry can rely on. All of our glass mineral wool are approved by the construction industry’s appropriate regulatory authorities and carry the BRANZ appraised mark. They are manufactured in Malaysia at the cutting edge manufacturing facility strictly governed by our quality management division. Being certified to ISO 9001, are the guarantee of our commitment to offer constant high standard of quality glass mineral wool insulation for the construction industry.

Therefore, PGF Insulation is proud to boast that our products are of prime quality.