Pre-insulated Duct Work System

SMART DUCT pre-insulated duct work system is designed to enable HVAC ducts to be constructed in a single operation, without the need for metal ductwork. The new generation of glass mineral wool duct board provides built-in thermal insulation and sound absorption, so there is no need for further insulation to be added once the duct is fabricated.


A high density new generation glass mineral wool based composite material designed to meet specific requirements in the HVAC equipment industry. SMARTDUCT is available in a standard range, all ready-faced to both surfaces:
  • the surface which will form the external face of the duct has a reinforced aluminium foil facing which will act as a vapour barrier and ensure that the duct is air-tight
  • the surface that will form the inner face of the duct, and which will be in contact with the airstream, has a facing of either aluminium, glass cloth, depending on the properties required for the duct