A combination of great appearance, superior acoustical performance, and design flexibility makes FABRICTONE the perfect solution for many interior reverberant noise problems. FABRICTONE panels are wrapped with high-performance acoustically transparent fabric making them not only acoustical, but durable. It allows you to create an effective sound control treatment that is distinctly appropriate for your needs.

A variety of shaped edges and panel thicknesses allow you to design for the desired appearance and acoustics. The perfect solution for many reverberant noise problems this panel offers superior performance for wall application. The core of this panel is made from POLYWOOL board. The edges are chemically hardened for durability.

    A cost-effective way to control unwanted noise. FABRICTONE range of products are available from thickness of 20mm right up to 100m thick glass mineral wool board which is covered by a wide choice of fabrics in many colour selections.

    The acoustical panels are designed for environments that require that executive look. Panels are durable, compliment existing décor, yet functional with a high NRC rating. Most common applications include executive offices, conference rooms, hallways, lobbies, auditoriums, theatres and home entertainment centres
    • Optimal fibre diameter
    • Better fibre network
    • Less dusty and less itchy
    • Low ‘K’ factor
    • Absorbs disturbing noise
    • Non-corrosive
    • Does not encourage mould growth
    • Impact Resistance
    • Excellent resistance to humidity
    • Control reverberation
    • Easy cleaning and maintenance
    Available in the following type of edges:
    • Squared
    • Radius
    • Half Radius
    • Bevel
    • Half Bevel
    Test according to ASTM C518 at 15°C mean temperature. Thermal conductivity as low as 0.0300W/mK
    FABRICTONE acts as a natural and effective sound barrier and the perfect solution for many reverberant noise problem. FABRICTONE offer up to NRC 1.00. Please contact PGF Insulation representative for further information.
    Tested in accordance and comply with (plain/unfaced):
    • B.S. 476: Part 6 Fire propagation
    • B.S. 476: Part 7 Surface spread of flame
    • ASTM E84
    FABRICTONE (32kg/m3) EWBR2532 EWBR5032
    Thickness (mm) 25 50
    K-Value (m2K/W) 0.0320 0.0320
    R-Value (W/mK) 0.78 1.56
    FABRICTONE (48kg/m3) EWBR2548 EWBR5048
    Thickness (mm) 25 50
    K-Value (m2K/W) 0.0300 0.0300
    R-Value (W/mK) 0.83 1.66
    FABRICTONE (64kg/m3 EWBR2564 EWBR5064
    Thickness (mm) 25 50
    K-Value (m2K/W) 0.0300 0.0300
    R-Value (W/mK) 0.83 1.66
    FABRICTONE (80kg/m3)   EWBR2580 EWBR5080
    Thickness (mm) 25 50
    K-Value (m2K/W) 0.0300 0.0300
    R-Value (W/mK) 0.83 1.66
    FABRICTONE (96kg/m3 EWBR2596 EWBR5096
    Thickness (mm) 25 50
    K-Value (m2K/W) 0.0300 0.0300
    R-Value (W/mK) 0.83 1.66
    Dimension: 0.603m (width) x1.212m (length) / 1.2m (width) x 2.3m (length)
    Note: Please contact PGF Insulation sales representative for custom sizes.
    A wide selection of high-performance acoustically transparent fabric available