Sectional Pipe

POLYWOOL Sectional Pipe Insulation (SPI) offers a range of sectional pipe insulation suitable for the external insulation of pipework. Manufactured from rigid glass mineral wool pre-moulded into one-piece cylindrical sections. It provides excellent thermal insulation up to a working temperature of 350oC as well as personnel protection and energy saving benefits.

POLYWOOL range of sectional pipe is available either in plain or faced with Foil-Scrim-Kraft (FSK), foil reinforced kraft paper, Sisalation foil or kraftless foil. POLYWOOL SPI is available in 1 metre lengths, faced or unfaced, and with a variety of wall thicknesses to suit standard steel pipes and copper tube from 12.7mm to 355mm O.D.

    POLYWOOL SPI is free from CFCs, HCFCs and any other material with ozone depletion potential in their manufacture/composition content, and represent no known threat to the environment. Made from nearly 80% recycled glass and locally sourced raw materials, POLYWOOL SPI range of glass mineral wool is perfectly in tune with sustainability and environmental concerns. POLYWOOL SPI is compliant with most green rating tools ODP Emissions credit requirements. Air quality is maintained with total Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions below quantifiable levels.
    It is designed to be used on commercial, power or process lines where fire safety and a pleasing appearance are desired. The pipe insulation can be used on cold and chilled water lines, brine, refrigerant and special process lines when the joints are sealed to prevent moisture migration.
    • Cold Applications
      To prevent the ingress of water vapour and subsequent potential condensation or freezing problems, all pipe insulation requires an effective vapour barrier POLYWOOL SPI is available in with either Foil Scrim Kraft, Foil Reinforced Kraft Paper, Sisalation Foil or Kraftless Foil pre-applied to the sections for this purpose.

    • Hot Applications
      POLYWOOL SPI does not require a facing for hot work. However, a metal cladding (generally swaged galvanised or aluminium metal sheathing) is recommended on all outdoor applications, or on indoor applications where protection from physical damage is required.

    • High insulating efficiency
    • Optimal fibre diameter
    • Better fibre network
    • Low ‘K’ factor
    • Less dusty and less itchy
    • Economical to apply
    • Time and cost reduction
    • Spring hinge
    • Precise and quick fabrication
    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    POLYWOOL SPI allows to optimise energy efficiency, prevent heat loss and provide effective thermal insulation. Properly insulated pipes will be able to limit the heat loss and maintain the desired operating temperature. Complies with ASTM C518 at 15°C mean temperature. Thermal conductivity value as low as K0.300 W/mK 

    Pipes act as heat conductors during a fire.In the event of a fire, fire safe insulation slows the spread of the flames. POLYWOOl SPI does not produce dangerous toxic smoke. Tested in accordance and comply with:
    • B.S. 476: Part 4 Non-combustibility test for materials
    • B.S. 476: Part 6 Fire propagation
    • B.S. 476: Part 7 Surface spread of flame
    • ASTM E84
    Manufactured in 1.0m length and in a range of thicknesses to enable compliance with BS5422 and beyond. The pre-formed pipe sections are produced to fit all British Standard steel and copper pipe sizes. Various sizes of POLYWOOL SPI is available to allow accurate protective encasements.
    Available in the following type of factory applied jacket where extra protection of the outer surface or condensation control is required.
    • FSK - Foil Scrim Kraft
    • FRK _ Foil Reinforced Kraft Paper
    • Sisalation Foil
    • Kraftless Foil