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CodeMark certified
BROWNIE formaldehyde free glass mineral wool is now CodeMark certified

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BROWNIE, Formaldehyde Free Glass Mineral Wool Insulation

PGF Insulation has CodeMark certification for your peace of mind. The formaldehyde free glass mineral wool manufactured by PGF Insulation CodeMark is certified as of 27th September 2017. The formaldehyde free insulation range encompasses multiple thicknesses and dimensions to suit various applications and to satisfy a broad spectrum of building requirements.

What are the benefits of CodeMark?

  • proves it meets Building Code performance requirements
  • ensures it is capable of performing as intended
  • streamlines the building consent and inspection process
  • gives you a marketing advantage
  • is listed on our public register.

What does that mean for customers?
It means customers are assured of the quality and performance. With CodeMark certification, building owners can have peace of mind knowing that BROWNIE formaldehdye free glass mineral wool by PGF Insulation complies to the NZBC in relation to insulation requirements*; while builders, architects, designers, and building certifiers can have peace of mind knowing that they can better manage their legal liabilities in relation to product compliance to the NZBC.

*Subject to conditions and limitations noted on certificate