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The term ‘commercial’ refers to many different projects including hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, schools and many more. Commercial applications require good and reliable insulation for all the same reasons as any other applications. PGF Insulation glass mineral wool has been designed to provide fire safety, superior thermal and acoustic control for this application. We provide for a competitive, high performance thermal and acoustic treatment for partitions, wall assemblies, roofs as well as ceilings which provides a range of thermal resistance value up to R4.0 and acoustic ratings up to NRC1.00. These product ranges are made available in the form of panels, blankets, batts, boards and loose fill insulation.

Comfort will be the primary concern in designing HVAC installation and it is undeniable that it is the main reason for installing an HVAC system in a building. In this application, comfort refers to temperature, humidity, air replenishment and noise levels etc. These then need to be regulated to deliver the perception of comfort to the user. Ultimately, this comfort has to be achieved with the rational and efficient use of energy.

PGF Insulation provides a full range of products for thermal and acoustic insulation of HVAC ducts and pipes. Developed to meet the needs of the installer and building user, PGF Insulation HVAC products are designed for different building characteristics and uses. The insulation products will significantly improve thermal and acoustic comfort as well as maximising energy savings and contributing to a safer working and living environment.

Our pre-insulated duct work systems are designed to enable ducts to be constructed in a single operation, without the need for metal ductwork. The glass mineral wool duct board provides built-in thermal insulation and sound absorption, so there is no need for further insulation to be added once the duct is fabricated. PGF Insulation glass mineral wool insulation not only delivers comfort in the building but it also ensures reduction in energy consumption and superior acoustic performance. We take great pride in offering an extensive range of products for the commercial and mechanical application at unbeatable pricing.