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Using PGF Insulation glass mineral wool insulation to insulate industrial applications can save thousands of times amount of energy that is actually used to produce PGF Insulation products. This makes us a key contributor in reducing heat lost and energy consumption for various industrial applications. Applications such as industrial pipes, boilers, ovens and other industrial machineries place very high demand on insulation systems. As they operate at high temperatures, the main purpose of the insulation system is to prevent heat lost or gain as well as personnel protection from skin burns, which can occur at temperatures above 60°C. Adding to our collection of unbeatable glass mineral wool insulation, PGF Insulation offers Sectional Pipe Insulation to be used for hot and cold air, water, and steam pipelines. PGF Insulation glass mineral wool insulation withstands high operating temperature and is suitable for use with service temperature up to 350°C.

A well designed insulation considerably reduces energy usage, protects personnel and CO2 emissions, helping to increase of the overall efficiency of the insulated item or system.