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Making Your Home a Comfortable Place for You and Your Family

A well insulated home will provide the highest level of fire safety, thermal and acoustic performance for building occupants to achieve the optimum level of indoor comfort deserved. It is not just about comfort, our glass mineral wool insulation will add value to your home, as well as make it more energy efficient.

Whether you want to reduce your energy bills, retrofit your current home or build a new home, PGF Insulation shares your goals of creating a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient indoor environment. To achieve those goals, the products you choose do make a difference.

We offer a complete line of formaldehyde free glass mineral wool for home insulation. These insulation products are available in the form of blankets, batts, boards and loose fill catering to the various needs and designs of the residential buildings. They deliver superior fire safety, thermal and acoustical performance you expect as well as promote improved indoor air quality and the healthier and safer home you want by reducing your overall exposure to formaldehyde.

Due to the unique and superior characteristics of PGF Insulation glass mineral wool, it is a preferred insulation material in the residential industry.