Thermal Comfort
Keep Cool and Comfy

Insulation is an essential building component as it offers excellent thermal insulation property, enhancing the quality of life, fitness for purpose and performance of buildings in which it is installed. Insulation incorporated into walls, ceilings and roofs makes a significant contribution to a building’s long-term energy performance by resisting heat flow. Heat is a form of energy, it always seeks a cooler area flowing outward in winter and inward in summer.

All building materials used in a wall, ceiling and roof increase the thermal resistance to a certain extent; however glass mineral wool is the most efficient at adding thermal resistance because of their low thermal conductivity. Heat flow through a building element can occur through conduction, convection or radiation. By reducing heat flow, a properly insulated building increases overall occupant comfort while maintaining lower energy costs.

PGF Insulation glass mineral wool is fast to install and performs for the life of a building with no need for ongoing maintenance.